Life or the pursuit of it…….

Life moves at one speed; fast and furious. One minute you are watching cartoons on your parents couch and the next thing you know you are watching your children watching cartoons from your couch. The only difference is that now the cartoons are crazier than a cat dipped in pancake batter and let loose on a floor covered in crisco. I get very frustrated with the “sad sacks” of this world. You know who they are. They are the fruitbat that is always complaining that everyone is against them. There mother did not love them enough, their boss is against them, or maybe God cursed them with eleven toes. This is the person that could make you want to smack kittens because all they do is find fault in the miracle of life. Life is a one time deal, I think. It is not to be taken for granted. I think those who only complain about life are quite simply lazy. Life is work and lazy people hate work.

When you are born you work to learn how to walk, talk, and eventually use crayons. We come out of the womb with a job to do; develop, grow, and learn. We go to school and we work through social skills, educating ourselves, and learning the fine skill of dodgeball. We eventually get jobs and utilze those social skills we learned because lets face it sometimes it is the squeaky wheel thay gets the promotion. Work is a jungle but it is not life ending or defining unless you let it be so. Later we fall in love and the work gets trickier. You learn that every now and then you just need to listen. You learn to read minds and give up other pastures. Love is work and marriage is a contract. You spend your married life working for that contract extension. Somtimes you opt out and try to get a more lucrative contract. Some people try to get away with honoring two contracts at the same time. We call these people Europeans. One day, in your life , you may be blessed with a child and the real work begins. Everything you thought you learned in life goes out the window.

Life will bring showers but it will bring far more blessings. Some of the showers are blessings in disguise. It is far easier to remember bad days over good days but we only become stronger from our pain. Why do some people pack it in when faced with the work of life? Like I said laziness. I am not completely a frozen heart. Some people do have tough lives and for them I feel sad but they are rare. Life is work but it is good work if you can get it.


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  1. Introspective. And I like the thing or two about you.

  2. i like that we become stronger with our pain… We learn and hope to avoid it again

  3. Wow.. i like your way of thinking. Your ‘About me’ had me worried for a while, but this post is good.

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