Pat Robertson Is Funny

Pat Robertson the next time you open your mouth to tell us how you are a direct line to God, do us all a favor, don’t.  I believe in God but my relationship is personal. I think Pat Robertson is the shock jock of religon. I am not so sure he believes everything he says. Pat Robertson recently said of Haiti, that years ago the citizens of Haiti made a pact with the devil to expel the French from their country. He says ever since that there is always sometime going wrong in that country. Pat are you saying that God has it in for the people of Haiti because some of their ancestors made a deal with the devil? Really? God has such an ego that She holds grudges for the ancestors of people that supposedly made a pact with the devil? He gives God little credit making this accusation. I saw the 700 Club one morning and he was talking about how gays would go to hell. How can he possibly be allowed to say this on T V. If he said a comment like this about a black man he would be yanked from the TV. Why does he get a pass. He is hateful and quite frankly speaks out in the most ignorant and inappropriate of ways. He is filthy rich from preying on people in need of faith. Is their faith in God or Pat? I doubt God appreciates the money Pat has made on the backs of people who are sometimes lost and looking for guidance and hope. Pat will give them hope for $19.99. I want to show restraint but I hate when people use God to purpetuate their ignorance . Pat you cannot take the money with you when you die but you will take the hateful things you have said to the grave. Haiti is a tragedy and it should not be used as a pulpit to spew hate.  God Bless Haiti, you my reader ,and   even you Pat, you dumbshit                                                     


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  1. Um, yeah, Pat has another press release. He has noticed you called God a she. For this shameful act, there will be vengance. One of your lightbulbs is going out today. Count on it.

    Shock jock of religion, I love it.

  2. Please call Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” @ 1 (800) 759-0700 to give your opinion of his comments about Haiti. It costs them about $1 to pick up each 800 call. Cut and paste everywhere, a million calls costs them a million dollars.

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