My Baby the Future Pothead

When I was a child cartoons were pretty simple. Tom Chased Jerry, Schoolhouse Rock introduced us to “I’m Just a Bill”,  we laughed at Elmer Fudd’s speech impediment (okay that is not so good), and Mickey Mouse was king. The stories were easy to follow and there was no work involved. You never worried that Wiley Coyote would catch the Roadrunner because you just knew it would not happen. Flash forward a couple decades and I have a daughter that I affectionately call Stink. I watch Nick Jr with her and I can’t help to wonder sometimes if my childhood friends are making the acid trip cartoons we joked about as teens. I watch Yo Gabba Gabba with her and there are crazy colorful creatures running around, dancing to trippy modern rock and basically scaring the nacho cheese out of me. There are sequences on this show that could be in Pink Floyds The Wall, Yellow Submarine, or more recently Heavy Metal. I just know that subliminally as my daughter watched this they are telling her “Pot isn’t just for plants anymore”, “Put make up on your Pops when he sleeps”, or maybe ” The dog would look so much better painted green”. There are some good shows that try to teach kids Chinese and Spanish but does it take a walking, talking back pack to do this?  I look forward to see what the cartoons my grandchildren watch are like. Maybe it goes retro and Hong Kong Phoey makes a long needed return to the American Child Public.

Love you mean it.


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