To Be A Parent or Not To Be A Parent

I am a father to a lovely and perfect little daughter. She is an IVF baby. She is a modern medical miracle and she is a gift my wife worked hard to bring me.  We spent many years wondering if we would ever be parents. I cannot speak for my wife but I felt it was not going to happen. We had our struggles and battles with the ego and confidence. We lost babies, we cried but we overcame. Had my daughter never been born we would have survived as a couple. Though we would have been crestfallen we would have found a way to love our way through a life without children. Love is the glue that keeps a family together with or without kids and a family is not defined soley by children or the lack thereof. Love is the strongest drug and can cure many a deep wound. I say this to the families that are struggling to have children do not give up until there is no choice but to give in. Do it within your means but do not let the fear overcome you. The most important thing to have is love and support. Judgement be damned and it must be left outside of the home. Love each other and let the chips fall where they fall. I was told maybe God doesn’t want you to be a parent. I heard people say IVF is playing God. God gave us these gifts. Don’t let people cloud your dreams. What happens when it works? What happens when the implant takes and you deliver your miracle? You lose the concept of time. You love more than you could ever imagine. My daughter makes my life brighter but my wife guided her to me. It all begins with love. Love each other and love yourself. Good luck with the dream of parenthood.


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