The World As I See It

No Matter Where You Are We All See The Same Moon

Have you ever felt you were bored with life or maybe you wish that you had little adventure in your life? Maybe you need to think of the little things you do everyday that and think of the what ifs. I have odd thoughts at odd times. For example, when my wife and I were trying to have a baby she kept telling me her aunt was willing to be our surrogate. She told me this several times and every time she told me this I would think the same thing and finally one day I blurted it out, “Honey I don’t feel right sleeping with your Dad’s sister.” I know pathetic but I am sometimes so dumb I cannot get out of my way. I digress to my recent odd thoughts. This past Saturday I took the Monster to the Living Museum in Newport News and we were coming back through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. I love crossing the bridge because the view is very nice. I love looking  at  the sun as it sets over the water, or being awed by the silhouette of our Navy Carriers in the distance and on this day I saw a rather  common sight that got my brain cooking. As I was  entering the tunnel when I noticed a huge , fully loaded tanker ship beginning to cross over the tunnel my car was entering. Think about this for a second and the blind faith we put in humans and their technology. The tanker probably weighs as much as a city block and it is gliding over a tunnel I am now cruising through. Most of us give this not a nevermind. The tunnel is several decades old and the science behind its architecture is even older. With all these potential catastrophes occurring at one time I forget about it in the bat of an eye and forget about the tunnel, ship, and near death experience as I leave the tunnel. My point is this, the times we live in are amazing and life is in adventure all on its own. Do not be afraid to be odd  but also remember to look at the worlds natural wonders whether they be your childs laugh, blind faith, or the sun setting. We are the miracle and should never ever take that lightly. I love you all.                                                                                                                    


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  1. You have a great spirit and I love it! Thanks!

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