When Your Woman’s Woman Leaves You

Godmother Material


Many things come and go in life. I have had many cars. As a teenager, I wrote a song about one of my most memorable cars a blur Gran Torino. I had forgotten about it until a couple of months ago an old friend found me on Facebook and reminded of the silly poem. I have had many jobs. I have worked a couple of jobs for long periods 7-11, VBPD, and Farm Fresh. But I always worked side jobs managing record stores, concert security, a very short stint laying brick. I have had the fortune to have dated a handful of very nice girls in my younger days some memorable than others but all amazing women sans one. I am sure some of them think of me as their mistake but that’s okay because I am sure I gave them reason. I saved the best for last and I have far more than I deserve with her. My wife is the reason my sun rises. Things in life come and go. What is important today may be a forgotten memory a few years from now. Sometimes though something or someone enters your life and they make a mark.

     Nichole and Brandon are friends of Shannon and I. We have become very close to them over the years and that is not something either of us take lightly. Nichole makes Shannon laugh and Brandon is the brother I never had. Brandon is the type of man who every father hopes to catch the eye of his daughter. He is honest, caring, and selfless. Nichole is the same. They are quite a bit younger than I am but it always seems to surprise me when I am reminded of this fact. They are very mature and always looking to the future without forgoing their youth. I had to tear a sumbitch of a deck a few years ago and my best friend Wayne agreed to help. I expect Wayne to help because we have been friends for years are close in age and he knows I would do the same for him. Brandon


was still rather new to me and he offered to help. I felt funny taking his help because I was not sure why he would want to do a thankless task. Brandon was at the house early and Wayne and I still say to this day we could not have taken down the deck without his help. I did mention the deck was a sumbitch. From that day on I found my little brother. The guy is a rock star.

     If Brandon is my brother Nichole is my sister. Nichole has been by Shannon’s side on some cold dark days. When we were going through the infertility rollercoaster Nichole was there. When a very close friend of Shannon’s died, Nichole was right next to her at the funeral. Shannon asked me to take Nichole out a couple of times with other friends to the comedy club when Shannon was on be drest. Shannon said Nichole was lonely because Brandon was out to sea and she could use the company. I gave Nichole my ticket. We have shared many laughs at the comedy club. Nichole was there when Emma was born. She was one of the first to hold Emma.  Emma loves her Cole and she loves to flirt with Brandon…..who wouldn’t.

     We have traditions with Nichole. The comedy club and Fathers Day at the horse track. We will be at the horse track again this year but there will be a very obvious void. Shannon and Emma will be devastated, Shannon already is because they are leaving this week. Cole and Brandon are moving back to Nicholes home state. It is the right thing for them. It is going to be hard. I have a lot of love for people in general. I care more than I will ever admit but I cannot hide the sadness we will feel after they are gone. We will still see each other but it will be far less often. It will mean more. We have some things constantly in our life but a moment. These amazing moments burn bright and they seem that they will never fade. Like the sun you take for granted that they may need to move on. This is not the end for us, not by a sight and distance only makes you fonder but we certainly want you to know we love you. Shannon would do anything for you and the names that are on that list could be written on a matchbook. Nichole I want to thank you in

Traders 🙂

advance for making Shannon sad over the next few days. I am sure that you feel the same but know we are there. We love you both.


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