A Moment of Clarity

Twice The Stuff of Other Cats

Life is like a good song if you listen close enough it will speak to you. I don’t mean a good song like a Black Eyed Peas dance tune but a song like “Cat’s In the Cradle”, or “Fix You”, or “Disco Duck”. Okay scratch “Disco Duck” while it was a great song it does not speak to us. Back to my original point about listening to your life. This past Wednesday I was in my upstairs bath room trying to collect dirty clothes for the wash. Dirty clothes never seem to cease. I think they grow in our home. Dirty clothes are like the last scene an actor has in a slasher flick just before they meet their gory doom. They see the bad guy wearing some ridiculous mask fall to his death and they walk back to their car. Just when they start the car back up to leave the scene of the massacre the bad guy pops up out of the back of the car and skewers our unsuspecting actor, that’s dirty clothes. You fold the last load and as soon as you round the couch there lies more dirty clothes. Like I said I was collecting dirty clothes from the upstairs bath room when I found my cat Junior laying on a stack of dirty clothes. Junior is nearly twelve and is shaped like a feline bowling ball, 19.6 pounds. Junior does not move when he does not want to no matter how you persuade him. I asked him twice to move as I pulled the clothes out from under him. Junior can be frustrating so I gently pushed him off the stack of clothes. When  he moved I noticed he could barely walk. Life was about to speak to me.

Junior is very ill. When I took him to the vet we were told her has diabetes, stenosis of the spine, blood and protein in his urine, an enlarged kidney, and arthritis in his hips. Wow!!! he seemed fine two days earlier. Before you dismiss this blog as a story of a pet owner humanizing a pet just wait because it is far more.

Pets do sometimes become children to their owners. As a parent I now understand how you can get tired of hearing childless persons talk incessantly about what Fido did over the weekend. I can also understand why the childless, petless person does not want to hear about Fido or you carpet monkey of a child. They cannot relate so they can easily become bored with your tales.

Junior does not seem to have a bright future  but he has lessons to give. I take him for granted. Junior has always loved me without condition. He has never once let me down or been crossed with me. Junior could be annoying because he always wants to lay against you. He is a claustrophobics worst nightmare. He constantly leans on you and you feel like you cannot move. I cannot tell you how many times I would get irritated and shove him from me. His sin? Loving me. Junior will not always be here. Maybe sooner than later but I have some hope. Junior is the only animal I ever adopted. Every other animal I have ever had (enough to stock a zoo) was inherited in one form or another or they were adopted  with someone else ( a wife or room-mate). Junior has always been sweet and gentle. As he got older he could get grumpy but don’t we all. Junior was in my house everyday I came home. If my day was crappy he would be there and if my day was fantastic he was there. I would come home on most days and forget this. Now in what may be his last days I ask myself how much richer would my life be if I stopped to pet him more often. What did I miss out on when I was glued to the TV watching some show that did absolutely nothing to better my life. TV is a drug. Facebook is a drug. Blogging is a drug. What do we miss out on when dawdling in these habits? I am guilty on all counts.

What Juniors story tells me is that a flower is beautiful whether you stop to enjoy its beauty and aroma or not. Love in any form is a gift. Love and loyalty can not be measured or replicated. Don’t throw away life’s treasures and don’t throw away your own life. You should not have to say goodbye to people because this sometimes implies unfinished business, unfinished thoughts, and unexplained emotion. Leave nothing unsaid and sometimes the laundry will wait. I love you all I really do. I say this often but I mean it. If you take a second out of your day to read my thoughts it means volumes and that I do not take lightly.


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