We Got Darth Vader But The Empire Remains

I must preface this blog by saying I am a very proud American. I would do anything I could for this country. I fully support our military and our president (Republican or Democrat). I believe that Osama’s death was the only acceptable outcome. He could not be reasoned with and having him alive as a prisoner in our country would likely garner my danger than just having him gone. The Armed Forces Members that did this job were amazing, heroic and brave. He was Public Enemy Number One and was dealt with appropriately.

Where I have a problem is  this. People who make enormously stupid statements about what happened. There should be pride for what happened  but we are foolish to dance over his grave and act like fools on parade at his death for many reasons. Osama was the face of terror and responsible for horrible atrocities but his absence only means someone new replaces him. We should celebrate that we set out to capture or kill him and we accomplished it but some comments go to far and make us no better than our enemy. I remember looking at the cover of the Virginian Pilot a couple of years back and there were terrorists or maybe just locals the area dancing over and kicking the bodies of dead Americans that has crashed a plane there. It sickened me and the image will forever be clear in my head. It is horrible. These supposed religiously charged people kicking their dead enemy remind me that the  fanatical belief in a God has killed more people than probably anything else has in history. I have watched Americans on TV acting similarly and making comments saying we should have publicly beheaded him and made an example of him for the enemy. Why? What does this accomplish? It brings us to their level and we should be above that. You can’t scare crazy and our enemy is crazy. I think the disposal of his remains makes sense and our government showed restrain.

It seems to never fail that the loudest, crudest comments are made by “devout God-fearing Christians”. People who live by the word of God but can’t wait to scalp the enemy and cheer at the results like a frat boy at an all night kegger sicken me. Believe in God, I do, but you can’t have it both ways. You cannot show disdain and disgust over how your enemy burns your flag, beheads your peers and then when you get one of theirs act exactly like them and think it is okay. If I were God I’d be pissed at how some of us abuse our faith and use it only when it is in vogue for them. America is the best and we should damn sure act like it.

Thank God for our military. Thank God for the families that stand by our soldiers. Thank God for a government that never gave up tracking down this terrorist. Thank God my daughter will be able to pursue her version of the American Dream. I love you all and hope you understand what I am trying to convey and do not find it offensive.


We are a blessed country


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