Human Emotion Is A Bitch

Tigers eat their young?!?

Life is meant to be lived. The problem is that sometimes we forget that life is too short for regrets and we allow ourselves to be worried over things we will never be able to control. While a polar bear worries if she can find the food to feed her young her human counterpart is more concerned that she thinks her friend Chloë wrote a cryptic insult to her on Facebook. We are sometimes a self absorbed lot. Human emotion is what makes us both weak and strong. How do you utilize yours? Do you run your emotions or do they run you? You are a liar if the answer is not yes to all the above.

Tigers eat there young?

It's a dogs life!!!

I admit to not always practicing what I preach but as I get older the list of people who I do not worry about their self-created soap opera gets bigger and bigger. I am a loyal person and will be there to listen but sometimes folks just analyze too much. Everyone has that friend or family member who swears the world is after them or against them. When you talk to this person they only find the negative. They are so stuck on replay that life seems to stand still for them. I feel bad for that. I feel bad but I can’t let that make my life’s direction be too averted.Words are a dangerous thing when it comes to our soap opera friends. One misplaced word in an email, conversation, or social network posting and this person can set off into a torettes style fit of accusations and self-pity. It is no way to live. Sometimes a word is just that a word. Sometimes the world does not revolve around an individual.

Ain't no body got nothing to hide except for me and my monkey.

I am always perplexed about how to deal with these friends because you love them and you want to go all Coldplay on them and “Fix Them” but sometimes you lose too much in the process. Life is life and if we spend our life worrying about every little word we choose or choice we make we lose our lives in the process. Live your life, help where you can, explain your choices if you must but for the sake of all that is sacred to you do not engage in any soap opera that does not come with a television contract and a paycheck. All I want for the people in my life is happiness and love. I have worries too and sometimes they take my hearts steering wheel but then I see my wife and daughter and recognize that I don’t have time for worry I can’t change. I wake up with one thing on my mind: love for the people in my life. I am rich in my life with family and friends. I am rich to have you.I hope your life is all it can be.

One Life to Live


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