Casey Anthony Is Only Part of the Problem

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her child. People are enraged by this verdict but in my humble opinion it is the prosecution that failed this child victim assuming she was killed by her mommy. Before I descend into a diatribe that will leave some of you scratching your head wondering why I think of such strange things. I want to say that I feel that if Casey was not directly responsible for committing childocide she knew enough about what DID occur to send her to mommy hell. My complaint is directly for the media. Not for their opinion as much as how news is packaged now.

Abbie Swogger

Autumn Leathers

Cameo Patch

Sandra Binkley

Pamela Rogers Turner


All the above women are teachers or teachers aides accused of having sex with students ranging in age from 13 to 17. All of these cases were national sensations on different levels. There is something these women obviously have in common: they are all what most people consider attractive. I sometimes wonder if the degree of how good-looking the female teacher is can be a direct correlation to what level the news story is covered. All of the above women were national news. If the woman is a little less attractive then they are regional news. If they are average or less they seem to be a blip on the radar of local news. If the teacher is a male he seems to be a story for newspaper hell. What is the difference between a male or female teacher sexual predator anyway? Is it that we want to high-five the 16-year-old male student victim but coddle the 16-year-old female victim? Is the male student a victim at all in the eyes of the news viewers? The news can choose what story they cover but they want to sell you a sexy, glossy story not tell you a story simple with facts no matter how the characters look. I can think of no news story that was covered nationally where the teacher was a male. It just doesn’t sell because like it or not there are some that are slightly turned on by the “Hot For Teacher” scenario and will watch these type of news stories like low-grade soft porn. It is a shame. The news is selling not telling. If the teacher were an overweight, average looking black female in an inner city school you would never hear the story. Kids are killed everyday in low-income, drug infested areas but it is not national news but maybe it should. Maybe if the news covered those crimes we might wake up as a nation and realize we have a mess in our backyard that we should feel obligated to clean up. The Casey Anderson case is a tragedy no matter how you slice it but if we change a couple of factors to the characters involved in the news story you may have never heard the story unless you lived in the state the horrible crime occurred.

The news is selling not telling. It is truly a smarter form of reality TV. If you ever watch Survivor or Big Brother they always cast girls that look great in bathing suits. The networks know sex sells and they know the way they  must deliver the news is no different. Look at these news personalities.

Lauren Sánchez

Jackie Gueriddo

Ainsley Earhardt

I cannot say these are unintelligent women but this is almost all you see on national news. Rebecca Quick is an intelligent, attractive news personality and she does not use skin to sell. Mika Brzezinski is attractive and not one of my favorites but she is a strong female role model. She makes a point to speak for women and their value. I do not knock the news for wanting ratings but you will never see Mary Kay Mallonee on national news. She is a graduate from West Virginia University and an Emmy winning investigative reporter. Mary Kay is a great reporter but she is not part of the “legs and breast cookie cutter sorority” that gives us the news today. She was even let go from our local news network WAVY 10 after over a decade of service.

Mary Kay Mallonee

Back to Casey Anderson. You have a sexy suspect and a cute,sweet victim and it does not hurt that they are white. Rarely do you hear of the same story with a black cast of characters. When a report is made on blacks it is often because they are cast as the suspect. It is a shame. I know they cannot report everything but at least have some equity in the stories covered and the demographic represented. As far as the Playboy model, too much skin baring reporters are concerned please consider this. What if the next best future reporter ever is a little girl sitting on a couch watching Bubble Guppies with her parents somewhere in Texas. What if this girl looks more like Mary Kay than Ainsley Earhardt? Do you think after sitting next to her parents watching “Toddlers and Tiaras”, seeing countless magazine covers of tiny models in her lifetime, seeing only the “beautiful people” as prospective brides on the “Bachelor”, not seeing real size women on “Say Yes To the Dress” unless she watches the spin-off series called “Say Yes To the Dress: Big Bliss”, and dealing with all the other sexist trash she will need to endure in her lifetime that she is going to feel confident enough to break the barrier of  “perceived beauty” to report to the world the news? I like to think so but the fact is than in most cases the answer is no. As the father of a beautiful little girl all I can do is reenforce to her everyday her value as an amazing person and  build her confidence as high as I can. I am realistic enough to know that may not be enough but I will die waging that war.






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  1. Could all the media coverage over Caylee also be because she was a young, heartbreakingly adorable, white child? I think that’s what caused the media firestorm back in 2008 over her missing. And people still remember so it turned the trial into a huge thing.

  2. I think it’s terrible that you discriminate against women like Jackie Guerrido, Lauren Sanchez and Ainslee Earhardt simply because they have enormous breasts.

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