What Is a Father




When a child is born a man becomes a father. His life has new meaning, it rises to a new level. He is responsible for the security and happiness of a child. When a father is born certain things are no more. Your life of self-indulgence should come to an end. A man should see the world in another light. He may have been willing to make reckless decisions in the past but a father considers the implications of the littlest part of his soul, his child. A father sees his childs eyes when he is faced with hard choices. Are his childs eyes bright and happy or welling with tears? He makes the right choice. A father’s love knows no bounds. He knows when to listen and when to speak. A father will make the hard calls for his child even if the child does not understand his actions. Knowing that tomorrow is not a guarantee a father makes the most of every second with his child  and is frustrated with himself if he feels he had even one day where he did not.


A father is not perfect and he knows it. A father always knows he can do more and he stretches himself more everyday to be a better man. His last thought when he sleeps is his child. His first thought in the morning is his child. A father worries about what tomorrow brings. He fears what he cannot control. When he sends her to school he questions his choice even though the best choice was made. When a father reads a painful story about a family and their child he sees his child and he hurts. It reminds him to be even more on guard. A father will give his life for his child at the drop of a fedora.


When a father must discipline his child he remembers that the discipline he dishes out becomes a part of the child. If it is too harsh then he failed that test on that day. Discipline pains a father even though he knows it is needed.  A man’s actions are a childs documentary. In other words, the child will often be what the father shows them. If he cusses then he makes it okay for the child. A father is half of the childs life example and he knows it. A father knows he may not always be his childs number one but he accepts it and understands that is just part of growing up. A father does not allow distance to distance him from his child. A father is bigger than any situation and he works hard to swallow pride when the scenario commands it. A father is love. A friend. A conscious. A father finds a way.


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