911: Was Faith the problem?

9/11 Memorial



The reason for the 911 attacks are varied depending on who you speak with. Terrorism is by definition senseless. The first six letters of the word alone make adding “ism” to the suffix pointless. There is one common thread that is a reoccurring theme in reasons given for the attack: faith. Before I sound like I am attacking faith or more particularly people with faith understand that I to have faith too. My faith is no better or worse than anyone elses but faith is a personal choice. When our choices adversely affect others there is a problem. Muslim’s over the world had an accusatory eye boring a hole in them after 911. Many people agree that faith in a god (any god) is the number one reason for death throughout history. Vikings, revolutionaries, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and probably every sect of people’s in the world have had wars over belief. Wars over gods that no one has ever been able to have undisputable proof they exist. It is similar to one child punching another child over an argument over the existence of Santa Claus. Santa, at least, shows up at the mall every November and December.

I think only weak-minded people would allow their faith to make them do socially amoral acts. Whether it be  Westboro Baptist members celebrating over dead soldiers and calling homosexuals fags, Jews killed by Nazis, or Christians feeding people to lions it is sickening. I do not blame faith or more specifically Muslim faith for 911. I blame leaders that used faith to manipulate others to do their deadly acts. I am not defending Muslims as much as I am  pointing the finger at the horrible individuals take advantage of others fears and hopes.

Faith gives us something to hope and dream for. Faith helps guide us through the harder parts of life but faith is not tangible. It is a set of believes we live by and a god simply serves as the philosopher we subscribe and when needed the disciplinarian we face if we violate the code of conduct. Humans have the biggest complex of all because many believe humans are the chosen ones and because of this we are special. We get to change the rules and the world any way we see fit. We all have seen the story in the news where some random person kills someone because a god told them to. We call those people crazy but we will listen to a preacher say the lord spoke to them and told them to do XYZ. Is there a difference other than the obvious? 911 did not occur because of faith it occurred because there are sick cowardly people in the world. Faith is what gets the rest of us through. It helps victims families find a way to move on, it helps innocents in the countries we are at war with get through the gun fire, faith is personal but should not be used personally. I wish you all the love I can muster. I salute those that died that day (911) and in the wars that followed. I pray for all the families and to the weak and cowardly that abuse others faith….I hope there is a nice little extra hot place in the afterlife for you. My faith would not like my last sentiment but I think She would understand.


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