Fertility: Why Fertility Treatments Are a Good Choice


People sometimes say that maybe the reason God created you as an infertile vessel is because He did not intend for you to have a child. God is up in heaven purposely creating people that do not exist to increase the population of the species of man and they just must accept it. If they try to make any efforts to change the abilities of the body God gave them then they are somehow insulting the very deity that gave us life. That sounds like Greek mythology to me. Some poor Grecian has his house set on fire because he said that his daughter was more beautiful than Aphrodite so Zeus sent a bolt of lightning down to burn his house down. REALLY!?! My mythology may be off but the point is pretty clear.                                                                                                           Doctors are not on this Earth to insult our believes but to make us healthier and live longer. They are here to help our mental health. God gave them the gifts they practice so why would fertility doctors be any different ? If anything they are Gods gifts to mankind. Our families doctor ,Robin Poe Zeigler, has a very strong faith in God. She sits at his right hand utilizing her gift to help others realize their dreams. Nothing is more faithful or godly than that. Dr Robin gave us hope when nothing else could. But while giving us hope she alluded to her faith. She did not force it on us but it was clear faith guides her.  


Now lets discuss you. When you take on the challenge of fertility needles, self-doubt, and potential heartbreak you have already shown you will probably be a great parent. If you are willing to risk all you have and your health to have a child then you are already showing fantastic parental qualities. If you choose fertility treatments you are accepting you will be spending your money not on material things but rather the dream of holding your child and giving your child values worth living by. I would rather see those values in the future of this world than to see self-righteous people pushing judgemental opinions on others.

Be strong, love each other and good luck in your journey.


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