When Did I Become My Old Man?

I always said that as I got older I would always be in touch with the younger generation. I took pride in being “in the know” but somewhere along the line I became my old man. I did this in the theoretical sense and not the literal sense. When I was a cop I could talk to any teenager I came across by connecting with their music tastes. More often than not I knew more than they did and it gave me some weight with them. I could connect and get on their level. Five years ago I conducted Loss Prevention introductions to new employees. The new employees were cashiers and many times they were teenagers. I was in front of them basically saying if you steal I will catch you. It can turn kids off to flaunt authority perceived or real. I would connect with these kids by talking TV. I would talk about MTV shows like Rob and Big. That took the authority out of what I was preaching and they would talk to me.

I watch MTV now and the obvious thing that jumps out is that they need to drop the “M” from TV. The only music you hear is when you watch a car commercial. Jingles have been replaced by full blown songs played by indie rock bands. I have actually gone to a car website to see what the name was of the band that is in their commercial. What has happened to us? MTV is full of reality shows that have to make kids either hate themself , want to get pregnant, or get real drunk and reckless. The Real World is full of kids getting drunk as a skunk in a meth lab and breaking everything in the house and who cares because they will not be responsible  for the damages or cleanup. The Hills is full of richie rich kids that would likely never speak to the kids watching their show. On 16 and Pregnant kids can see that you can make it with a baby as long as MTV foots the bill this reminds me of Kate Plus Eight. Since that show is cancelled how will the Gosselin children handle not going on crazy vacations without TLC money?

I don’t get skinny jeans, Justin Bieber or little boy rock in general, shorts with words like “Juicy” on the butt, or Japanese anime. I would not be surprised if some or all of those things are no longer popular. I have a long road to tow because I am 42 with a 3 year and my little girl is sassy and saucy and she will destroy me if I do not play catch up. I better learn real fast to find my inner reckless child again. Maybe I will go on Big Brother and lose my brain on public TV for a couple months. That might be the ticket. I love you all and remember a pickle is only a pickle because we say it is so.


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