A Montgomery Ward Love Story

Life is full of moments. Moments that speak to you and let you know how wonderful your life is. Some may call these moments of clarity a reach or the over analyzing of a random innocent moment but I say nay nay. I had one of those moments today. I was walking with a company District Manager, Store Manager, and an Account Executive for one of my companies vendors when the Store Manager mentioned he once worked for Montgomery Ward. For anyone that does not know Montgomery Ward was a department store that has all but disappeared from our consumer landscape.

A Vintage Wards Ad..and my wife’s pet name.

      This passing statement about employment triggered my life moment. My wife loves jewelry. She loves nice jewelry. Her taste in jewelry is not in line with that of a Hollywood starlets but it is not Walmart chic either. My wife owns a bracelet that is limited to an edition of two. The other one belongs to Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher. Teri Hatcher wore this bracelet to the Emmys circa 2006. She is not snotty about her jewelry and never goes into debt of any sort to get it she just knows what she likes. Since our daughter was born her money is now spent on Squeankies and Hello Kitty children’s clothes. A child changes your perception of where you spend disposable income (if there is a such thing).

     When my wife and I met I could not afford an engagement ring in her style. At least this was how I thought about it. I was at Montgomery Ward with my Mom and I found an engagement ring I wanted to get her. A Montgomery Ward ring was in my budget barely. I was only a couple of years out of my divorce and I was rebuilding my life. I was in a new career with a new career salary. My wife was and is a pharmacist and that was intimidating because there were times I felt out of my league. When I gave my wife her ring she was happy as rainbows after a spring shower. Why was this a moment you may ask?

    To this day my wife still wears this ring. It sits on her finger under a huge Hearts on Fire wedding ring. It often shares finger space with beautiful Levian pieces and other unique high quality jewels. I have told her many times that she would not hurt my feelings if we replaced this small, insignificant department store ring but she always declines. She not only declines my offer but she adamantly declines it. This little ring may look insignificant in my eyes but in her eyes it outshines any jewelry she owns. The sentiment of a ring she would not likely buy for herself means more than any jewelry she could buy. This moment reminds me that I am important to my wife not for the monetary value I give her but for the love I give her. In this moment I privately am reminded of how lucky I am. No matter what happens in my life I have an amazing, beautiful, and selfless wife. I hope you all recognize lifes moments. I also hope you all have the love I have in my life in yours.


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