Christmas and Our Inner Light

After My Mates Got A Big Idea


I work at an office. It is a nice office but an office none the less. I am mostly at my desk and I am sort of out sight out of mind from the other desks. I wonder if that was by design. Office work can be humdrum sometimes. You look at the same desk and same people and same personal trinkets 10 hours a day. I have a great Betty White calender that breaks my monotony. Betty White is the bomb. She is the Golden Girl with the mostest. This year my employer allowed us all to decorate out cubicles for the holidays and I question their judgement. There were no rules applied to this holiday activity. It was an open-ended proposition. Decorate, celebrate diversity, and have fun. A few folks let out their inner Griswold’s.

The Gingerbread Fortress

I appreciate the ambition it takes to come into your office when you are off to build your very own “Cone of Silence” and disguise it as a gingerbread house. My desk was boring…

You Never Go Right With Fiber Optic XMAS Trees

 …..It started out that we would hang some white lights and maybe some fake snow but then came wall hangings, a train, polar bears, penguins, Alaskan Bush Pilots to fly you through the Christmas auditorium to your work station.  As the week wore on each pod of cubicles seemed to form through own Christmas community.

Grinch of Grocery

A Pharmacutical Holiday

A pharmaceutical HolidayEnter Only Bearing GiftsClassic Use of Streamers

 I was very concerned we going too far but then it occurred to me what a wonderful thing was happening. My fellow employees and friends were expressing themselves. They were enjoying the spirit of the season as they saw fit. They were bringing light to the mundane. It is fun. It is good to express. It is good to see someone you have known for over a decade go nuts for a couple of weeks with Holiday cheese. The Holidays are full of stresses but if you look close enough through the Griswold pile you can see the true beauty of the season. Merry Christmas my friends.


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  1. You are so right. That is too cool. I would love to see some of the others. 🙂

  2. It was fun trying to figure out who was who……….no poor deer anthers to identify “Bambi got run over by Wayne White,” no fishing boat to identify Bucky, etc………. Confused, as usual! Cool, VERY cool!

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