Why I Love You All

heart in the sun set

I have had people ask why I remain so positive all the time. I have my days when I want to throw my milk out of my bowl of Cocoa Puffs onto the nearest avocado head that crosses my path but I try to keep my cool and tasty cereal in check. My attitude is simple. My attitude is a byproduct of my life experiences. Many of my closest friends know about some of my past. From a childhood where I saw violence to a first marriage where I sometimes woke up with my wife straddling my chest and pointing my police Smith and Wesson at my head I have had some hard history to internalize. You will not hear me complain and I always forgive.

My experiences aside, it is the things I have seen that were not mine that had the longest impact on me. There are the easy events that we all have seen like 911, Oklahoma City Bombings, any number of parent on child murders, the random family gets killed in a traffic accident during a major holiday, cancer, AIDS, or any other unfortunately common tragedy that paints our television sets everyday in sadness. While on the police department I saw suicides for every reason from their own infidelity to financial ruin to just plain self-hatred. One thing was always common in suicide….the family left behind was the victim. I worked dozens of SIDS deaths, watched families tear themself apart over the most ridiculous of issues. I have seen people who had what most people would think was everything….everything but true love. True love not only for someone else but for themself.

I love you

I believe in one thing above all else: LOVE. Love is everything. Love is all things. Love is the only thing. You must learn to love your self as much as anyone else. If you love yourself you are comfortable in your own skin. If you are comfortable in your own skin half of the issues life brings you are easily dealt with. I am lucky. I found true love in my wife. The sun rises and sets on her. She saved me and reminded me that I have good things to give. I think life is to be lived. Life gets me down sometimes but I remember I am loved and I am in love with two beautiful girls (my daughter the other).


By knowing how lucky I am in life and by knowing how brutal life can be it makes being positive on most days as easy as making cookies. My love for life is not always returned but then again life has no obligation to me. I want to leave a mark on this world. I want to put a smile on your face and give you something to think about. I don’t need to know I did it but it means the world to me to shine good thoughts on others. It is easy to complain, worry but hard to love and strangely enough love feels so much better. I never expect anything from others because it is not for me be repaid for being myself. Rewards on a wall, titles, public acknowledgement means nothing and I do mean nothing (but they are nice and have a place) in most cases but when someone tells you they appreciate you in private……that makes life worth living. I recently had someone send me an email saying that “if someone told me what good has happened since Superfusion (a business transformation) I would tell them it would be meeting Andy Thornhill”….that hits home for me. The words we share are important and should be chosen wisely. When they are misused or directed in a harmful way they should be retracted as soon as possible. Life is worth living. You are worth loving and I truly love you all.


I say I love you because what if I am not here tomorrow? What if you are not here tomorrow? It is important to be caring and thoughtful. It is important to know that you have value. Not just to me but to the world as a whole. We never know what our words do to others. If you speak nicely to a cashier in a 7-11 who is just been treated like crap by the last ten customers you may be increasing her opinion of their self worth. It doesn’t cost anything but it does make a different. We cannot be positive at all time but we can be positive most of the time. Love others and it comes back to you. Be kind and the emotion rewinds its way back to you. Public acts of gratitude are great but it pales in comparison to the act of giving of yourself without the need to know what your words did. Life is a grand gift love it and each other.


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