A Valentines Card


I must say Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I do not want a gift. I do not want a tie or shirt or anything else. I do not need a card. I get a Valentines gift everyday because I wake up under the same roof as the most amazing woman I could ever know. The world can be raining down fire and brimstone but I know she is in my corner. We are the greatest cliché because we complete each other. I have said before that she is a hurricane and I am a tornado. When she gets mad you can see the storm coming, it hangs around for a long time, leaves a little damage and is gone. When I get mad I explode out of thin air sometimes damaging a lot at once but as quickly as the anger appears it is gone. Almost everything we handle in life we handle differently. Where she is calculated I am freewheeling and where she is freewheeling I am calculated. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we put the right player in the game to best handle the situation. I am not above telling someone when I have been sent in by her that they don’t want to deal with my wife. My wife supports me. Some of you will laugh because you know that can be literal and figurative but I am referring to the figurative. It is easier to deal with most any difficult time when you know your spouse has your back.

I did not marry my daughter’s mommy. I married a women that is hot, makes me laugh, and is incredibly intelligent (even if she choose me). After a few years of marriage we decided to try and be parents. It did not work. We struggled, we struggled hard. We cried and loss but we found our way. We never doubted each other and now we have a little girl. Our daughter is the best and worst of both of us. She farts like me if that tells you anything. The women I married was sexy as hell to me but when she became a mommy that made her even sexier to me. She risked her health both physically and mentally to have a kid with me. She took the abuse to her body that a having a baby does to a women in great stride. She took 8 months of bed rest to boot. She choose me to have that adventure with. That is as sexy as it gets when someone will sacrifice all that with you. I have said it before and I will say it again. She is my hero. Hurricane Shan is my hero.

I am a lucky, lucky man. I am a happy, happy man. She may not always see it because she chooses to not believe it but if she saw everything I see when I gaze upon her she would understand. I have a Valentines gift everyday….my wife. What happened to the man that got everything he could want? He lived happily ever after. I am that man. I love you Shannon.


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  1. Melinda Bailey-Buck

    Andy you are such a gifted writer! I’m honored to have known you for the better part of my almost 50 years on this earth. I read your book, enjoy all your articles and have shed many tears of memory, pride and admiration. Andy you are one of a kind and I’m truly lucky to call you my friend, brother in blue, brother by heart and forever family! Thank you for always sharing and reminding us that every day is a gift. I love you always and forever, Melinda

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