What Would Your Grandparents Think?

Imagine if you could go back 40 years and tell your grandparents what 2012 would be like. They would tell you to stop listening to those damn Beatles and that crazy new Disco music and get a job. Disco Duck was a great song though. I was talking to a very nice 60 something women the other day at a store and her younger grand daughter and her were discussing the pros and cons of photo albums. They were talking about real photo albums not to computer files you call albums. The mature woman was talking about the beauty of having a photo album in your hand and touching the pictures and the slightly musky but not intolerable smell of an aging photo book. I do not totally disagree with the older woman. I recently scanned my parent’s photos to create digital copies and a movie and smiled at a few things as I browsed through the old photos. The first thing I took note of is there are not that many pictures. There were a couple hundred at best. That is probably the average number of photos from that generation. I scanned my in laws pictures a year ago and it was roughly the same amount of pictures. My daughter is 3 and a half and I half roughly 10,000 photos of her and several hundred of the first five years of my marriage to her beautiful mommy. The digital age has changed so much. In the 60’s and 70’s when you took a picture and a stranger was in the background you could either throw the picture away or make that stranger a permanent part of your family’s photographic history. Now you just delete the picture the second you take it. When I take pictures of my child in crowds people walk through the frame and I apologize. I always tell them don’t worry because I can easily delete the image. In the not so distant past you waited several days to get your ROLL of film back and you were stuck with the strangers. Now you stop by the drug store on the way home and put your SD Card in a photo booth and “BOOM” you have pictures. Back to the conversation that started this conversation. The grand daughter was trying to explain the “Cloud” to her grandmother and the older women looked at her like she was insane. If you told your grandparents about the cloud 40 years ago they would have thought you were talking about your life flashing before your eyes as you were dyeing and ascending toward the clouds of heaven. I see the beauty of both sides of their argument.

Could you ever convince your grandparents a few decades back that every song they owned would fit into a device the size of a credit card? They could get rid of the boxes and boxes of vinyl albums, the stereo system that was the size of a small car and carry the sweet sounds Frank Sinatra in their pocket. First you would have to convince them that 8 Tracks would fade to Cassettes which would fade to Compact Discs which would fade to Digital Downloads. They would sarcastically tell you what happens after Compact Discs sonny boy do buy music by injecting it into your nipples?

Think of commercials? Would they believe we would openly sell the Blue Pill or have TV shows with teens cussing and having sex and heaven forbid being openly gay? Our grandparents had the decency to keep these practices private back then. What about the whole black president thing? That must be science fiction right?

Imagine telling them they could own a car that could talk to you, give you directions, make a phone call for you, play the exact song you want, and hell even park itself. They didn’t believe that crap when David Hasselhoff was driving KITT all over prime time television. 

There are schools that have taught the science of Star Trek. They taught that things that occurred on that show were possible in the future and in some cases were occurring now. They were right. Even the “HOFF’s” talking car came to fruition. The Jetson’s were a great example of what would eventually come in some ways. If you believed a book in the 40’s about going to space was a reality someone might have committed you. Keeping in mind that past TV shows and books became the reality in some ways what in the hell is in store for us next? Does Sponge Bob move next door? Please don’t say Snooki becomes president. She did Tweet to John McCain allot. It’s bad enough she is with child. Are Apes really going to take over? Since all the rage was science fiction and a bunch of it is today’s reality then there is a great chance my daughter will marry a vampire. I am pulling for the werewolf though that guy is so much sexier.

What will tomorrow bring and what will my future grandchild surprise me with.


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  1. Shoot, I am constantly amazed at how things have changed. I only have to look at my granddaughter and what she can do. At that age I was a dummy!

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