When I Blink I Miss You

Life is similar to navigating a golf course and sometimes you end up in the sand but at the end of the day no matter how rough the course is you are standing in the middle of a beatiful course. So when playing the golf course that is life enjoy the world around you because the next hole could be your last.

I am leaving town for a few days, a few short days. For those who say you should not announce such things understand I have two very capable and quite insane dogs in my house. They bite each other just to stay in practice for a take over of the homestead. I hate leaving home unless my little girl is with me. Trust me I miss the big girl too but any parent understands the short stacks in our families are always hardest to leave. When I think of leaving it reminds me of the things I want for her.


       In a perfect world your daughter goes to college, finds a career that fulfills her needs, finds a man who has a healthy dose of fear and respect for his father in law and a loving and respectful nature toward my daughter, they have kids and both grow old together with very little drama to cause them any despair. There are so many things I want for my little girl. Some may surprise you. I want her to play the field. I don’t want gory details and I prefer that the field she plays only has a first base but I think it is important to explore your heart when it comes to the opposite sex. I also think it helps her to appreciate the man she marries because she will have a better idea of what she likes and dislikes. I want her to break hearts and at least once have hers broken. A broken heart strengthens you and helps you respect love more. It opens your eyes.

     I want her to love me but I don’t want her to see me as perfect. I want her to know about my life’s errors. If she sees me as perfect then that is how she will measure other men. I will be a tough standard to measure by but she needs to know I am human. I want her to have adventures and maybe star on Survivor, hit a winning home run in college softball, find the cure to ugliness. I want her to conquer challenges and live dreams. I want it all for her but for now I will just miss her.

     My life is simple. During the week I wake up between 5 and 5:30 AM get ready for work, wake up my daughter and wife. I feed the little one and take her to school. I work 9 to 10 hours and pick my daughter up around 5:30 PM and take her to see Momma for a minute and home we go. We get home late and play a little, cook dinner, take a bath and off to bed she goes. I sing her a little Beatles, Hank Williams, Portugal the Man, Slayer (okay no Slayer) and hopefully sometimes between 9 and 10 PM she is in dreamland. I stumble downstairs with heavy eyes and try to spend some time with the best life a man can have. Wash, rinse, and repeat through Friday.

   I have been asked why we do so much on the weekends and the simple answer is because we can, it is fun, and before I know it she won’t want to fly kites on the beach with her Pops. Everything in life has an expiration date including sharing your kids childhood. When it comes to my little girl and wife I take the advice of the of the that beer commercial guy “The Worlds Most Interesting Man” and I stay thirsty my friends. I am thirsty for adventures with both my girls. I am thirsty to see how my advice influences her life and did I get it right?

the worlds most interesting man

     I make no apologies for the life I live. I stay busy, happy, and sometimes tired. I am sometimes questioned about  not making time for others but that is not a purposeful just this cats cradle. I truly love everyone. When  I get on that plane tomorrow my girls will be on my mind, if I make it to Mall Of America they will be in my thoughts and bags on the way home, when I do my meetings they will be in my mind, when I put my head bed down on my hopefully bedbug free pillow they will be on my mind, and when I get on the plane on the way home my heart will bounce with anticipation of seeing them. I love life. I love you. I love you because every time a friend talks to me, hugs me, smiles at me, or in Wayne Whites example picks on me they are giving me precious moments out of their life and that is priceless so for that I love you all, even Chrissy Rollyson. Remember to stay thirsty my friends.


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