Fathers Day Joy

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     Life is what you make of it. Life has chapters and turns. Some turns are exciting and bring you memories you hope to never lose while other turns leave you with lessons to learn by. You can both choose to consume life-like a delicious dessert or be consumed by life and be doomed to misery. What choice are you going to make Buck Rogers? The chapters before my daughter was born seems a lifetime ago. There was a time when my life was beer and chasing girls. I was the guy that always needed a girlfriend. I was in college and had a one track mind. To think that I felt fulfilled by kissing the girl and getting drunk seems so alien to me now. After college a new chapter opened. I chased bad guys. I remember chasing a guy that had a warrant for over a mile and when I caught him he had relieved himself in his pants. I felt powerful but not in an abusive way.  I felt like my resolve to make wrong right defined me. After several years that chapter closed and I found the love of my life, my wife.

      We had adventures from day one. We nearly had a car crash on our first date. She had a car crash that changed everything. We were planning to have kids just before that wreck. When I went to see her car at the tow company I saw more blood in the back seat of her car than I saw at fatality accidents. It was a horror show and thankfully Shannon has little to no memory of that time period at all. It took more than a year for her to recover and we decided to try again for children but infertility punched us in the gut and sent us on a five-year journey. The journey made us stronger. The challenges made us a stronger couple. This chapter was the prelude to the life I have now. I have two beautiful girls in my life. I wake up to see their smile. I work all week to play board games and tag over the weekend. I am a father now. I am honored to be a father. I have a responsibility that I take very seriously. I will not let my daughter down, I refuse. I choose to make my time left on this rock valuable and meaningful to and for my little girl. Happy Fathers Day friends.
I hope you will enjoy this video of the life before baby. There are many friends in it and the music is a tribute to fallen Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. I bought my first Beastie Album in 1986 and my last one just this year. You will be missed brother.


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