A Token Of My Extreme

Love and Rockets said it best when they penned these lyrics in their song “No New Tale To Tell”:

“Our little lives get complicated

It’s a simple thing

Simple as a flower

And that’s a complicated thing”

  The seasons are setting to change and with the change of each seasons our time here fades a bit more. That is not a bad thing. If you can leave your part of this universe a little better than when you come into it you have done well. It does not have to be an earth shattering development that you are the catalyst for. Maybe, in your life, you inspire someone you never met to feel better one day and that causes them to change their outlook on life enough to do something amazing. You never know. Just know that a pebble that causes the water to simply shimmer in one place can create a tidal wave in another part of the same pond. Micro expressions and micro decisions are very important.

   As the seasons change, I was doing what many parents do this time of year changing out my daughters clothing drawers. I was pulling out clothes that no longer fit her. I was making decisions on what I was saving for an eventual quilt and what I was giving to my wife’s cousin. As I went through the shirts it occurred to me that nearly every shirt had a memory. I could remember something about every article that went through my fingers. I remembered her getting deathly ill in one shirt; I remembered how excited she was about some shirts and how much she protested others. This all made me smile because it reminded me that my life was so much bigger than I. A few years ago I had dinner with my wife, then baby, and in-laws at a local eatery called the Black Angus. It is a great restaurant but it is small and intimate. It is the type of place that a noisy baby should not be. My daughter was great but as the dinner progressed she became grumpy. It was no big deal but I took her outside. I was standing on Atlantic Avenue and I was telling her, as I rocked her, that I had a dozen memories in the small area that I could see with my eyes at that moment and that I could not wait to share them with her. A year and a half passes and I have so many memories with her at or near the same locations.

     By just seeing a location or an object so much can flood your mind. The simple act of walking down a road can flood you with so many complicated memories. The same corner may be where you rode your first bike, made a significant arrest, held your wife’s hand, and pushed your daughter’s stroller. Little things mean the most. You can by my dinner but I will remember you more if you are the guy or girl that knows when I am not myself and asks how I am doing. Little offerings have the greatest payout.

    Enjoy life because you mean the world to so many whether you realize it or not you are a very important part of it. Trust me a President of a country or business you work at may make a decision that affects your life but the smallest things you do everyday can be an even bigger impact on so many others. Relish in the opportunity to be impactful or inspirational. Live everyday like it’s your last. I don’t know who said that but it makes sense. What does that corner in your part of town or that random object you look at mean to you? I love you all and do not forget that life is meant to be lived.



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