From time to time Facebook turns into stand on a soapbox time. The timeline line or news lead is filled with people spouting off half truths that some random media source told them. People are passionate about what their version of America is and about what they think America has become. They are also lazy sometimes and only get their facts from two minute commercials, right or left slanted news shows, or their “friend” that is really into politics. Many of us have pet issues that we want taken care of. We want jobs, no war, lower taxes, and to feel safe in our community. Most of us want the same thing we just want it in different ways. I sometimes wonder if the founding fathers knew how half cocked some of us would become if they would have headed back to merry old England for a cup of teas and let the Indians keep this land.

I am fully on my soapbox but not because I want you to hear my political beliefs. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Carlos Mencia once said (I paraphrase) that he claimed neither party because he hated being wrong half the time. Carlos I concur. I voted for Bush and I voted for Obama but that is not what I am writing about. I am pounding my virtual podium at the people that want to distract us. The people that put comments out on social media about politics and politicians on either side that is not only controversial and conspiratory in nature but hateful. I am defending neither party and I am standing for neither party but in my 43 years of life I have never seen such vile hatred and disrespect for an official as I have for our president. Some will say that is because he has done a bad job and to that I say liar. I say liar because there has been a wave of misinformation and questioning of him since he ran for office four years ago. It’s sick that some people have nothing better to do with their time than to tear a person down using half truths and in most cases no truths. I doubt any man in history has sought the office of POTUS with a black heart to destroy our nation.

I watch people I love and respect say things on social media that insult each other over politic. I watch as people post that you are a lesser person if you vote against their belief. It is disheartening. I watch the news often and I am always taken back that some news agencies seem to push forward an agenda. The news personalities snipe comments about either candidate. There was a time when the news was reported and explained so the viewer could make their own mind up. Now some news shows tell you what to think. Life is broken into sometimes out of context sound bites that are designed to make you belief something that may not be true. News is entertainment. I sometimes wonder is if some of the opinions that news personalities express they really belief or if it is their character. Some newscasters are like Howard Stern. They are TV shock jocks. The difference is this….Howard is in on his own joke and the newscasters want to shock you as a claim of fact. It is disgusting.

Don’t get me wrong social media friends I value you and your opinions. I just want you to state views in a fashion that is not offensive or insulting. It is hard to take someone serious that is constantly posting far out accusations about Romney or Obama six times a day. Do you have a life? Are you accomplishing anything? Where did you find your factoid? If you are that passionate those politicians need you knocking on doors. Maybe the politicians like you right where you are. Maybe they want us distracted. Maybe they want us throwing bars at one another, calling each other names. Maybe they would rather we watch the news entertainment networks that are akin to Pro Wrestling. As long as we search the web for gems of hateful misinformation or share a cute little hateful factoid we find on social media we are distracted and they don’t have to explain anything. As long as we are distracted neither side needs to give any real detailed plan as to what they will do to bring us back to our feet as a nation. If someone frightens our religious sensibilities or threatens to take our guns or makes us believe that Mexicans are crossing the border and stealing everyone’s job then we cannot focus on what is really going on or that maybe they have no plan at all. Take religion out of politics. Gay rights, a women’s right to choose, and religion have not place in politics. It makes us look stupid that they are. All men created equal right? Leave your Bible, Torah, Quran, or other Archie comic at home. We are not any one defined faith. Faith is used to distract and threaten when it comes to politics and that is a shame because faith is a truly moving, beautiful thing. I accept that politicians are similar to magicians. Sometimes to pull off their greatest tricks they have to distract you while they pull the rabbit out of their hat. I hate seeing people I care about and like spend their days spouting off things that sometimes only have the purpose of hurting someone or stirring the pot. By all means let’s not agree but at the same time don’t be part of a big joke that our political parties may be happy to have played on us. When we are done not agreeing I hope we can get back to posting dumb cat pictures Farmville requests on our social media. I say most of this tongue in cheek, all of it with a kind heart, none of it to hurt anyone’s feelings. I love you all, now which way do I go to get off this soapbox?


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  1. Well said, Andy. I have all but stopped looking at Facebook in large part because of this. Tiresome

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