Monster Movies: In The Land Of Magic

Last week the real world stopped. It stopped for four days. The grind of work went away. For a moment there were three heartbeats. Only three! I saw magic in the place where magic is king. From the first hours in the Magic Kingdom I watched as my daughter fell in love with the idea of Princesses and fairy tales. Tales that may have tragedy but end happily ever after. Tales that teach everyone involved a lesson. We were not one hundred yards in the park when she bought an autograph book with money her Grandma gave her and marched right up to three Princesses and took pictures with them, danced with them,and talked to them. We could not hear the conversations. We would hear a word here or there. She would say Mommy or Lily or Daddy and then there would be laughter from a Princess. Emma was in her world. A childs world and even better a little girls world. It is not my business what conversations she had. All I need to know is she was happy. By the end of the four days she had filled up a book with autographs and was working on a second one. She rode rides over and over until she was so tired she cried in frustration that her heavy eyes were betraying her for sleep.

On the second day we started out with a character breakfast. She giggled with Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Donald. We walked away to go on a safari. I gave my daughter a camera to take pictures of the wild life. She would snap a picture and tell us “got it!!”. She sat in Mommies lap the entire ride. This is the kid that rarely leaves my side. She is with me most of the time and at times she would test her Mommy. This day was their day. There was no work to take time from them, no petty quarrels to distract them, no people to distract them. They simply played together. Emma and her Mommy became team Monkey Pants. I call Emma Monkey and her Momma Hot Pants. We are a blessed family and we love all our family no matter what happens or has happened. In the past four years this was only our second full vacation we have had alone. We are lucky to have even one and even luckier to have the family we have and to spend the quality time with them that we do but time alone is very important and watching my wife and daughter play has a value that cannot be measured. It is too great.

Over the next few days I heard my wife and daughter laugh and saw them smile. I watch my daughter transformed into a Princess. As they applied makeup to her eyes and worked on her hair I thought of the future. How many times would I watch her dress up for proms. How many times would I attend events where she was the focus or part of the focus. One day she will be an adult. One day I will not see the real little girl but the little girl in my heart and memories. That day can wait because I want to enjoy today. I love you all. I hope you enjoy this Monster Movie. I hope you can see some of the magic I saw.



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