The Princess of All Blessings


Saturday night I was Santa Clause. My four-year old daughter asked Santa for a doll house. I spent over two hours putting it together but I never felt so good building something. Last night I placed the doll house in front of the fireplace for her discover this morning. This morning when she came downstairs her eyes were full of wonder seeing what Santa had left for her. All day long she ran around the house opening and playing with toys. She played with her Mommy, Grandma, Pa Joe, Aunt Pam, and Uncle Jim but when she was tired but when her day was ending it was me she crawled up on my lap to relax and get comfortable. She always returns to me. She is my rainbow, the colorful light that brightens my every day.

She is a typical four-year old that challenges me everyday. I have my days when I feel defeated and am not sure what to do but they are far outweighed by the laughs, hugs, kisses, and unwavering trust she has in me. It keeps me honest and reminds how lucky I am. Other than her mother there is nothing that moves me more than my daughter.
I have seen some of the worst this life can give and it scares the hell out of me to think any of it could happen to her. I watched in horror as the news reported the tragedy of Sandy Hook. I know that broken hearts are inevitable in this life and hers will be no different. I know there will be disappointment just like all of us have endured in our lifetime but today all I can do is give her the belief that innocence and its fancy are hers for the taking. There is plenty of time for the real world when she is older.

I have worry, we all have worry. I know that life always has change around every corner. I work for a business in peril and while I hope it does not happen there is the chance that in 2013 I may face a career change. I have started over before and I am built to do so again but if it happens it will only be an inconvenience because I know in my heart of hearts it is simply a learning opportunity. If it happens it is a chance for me to be a strong Daddy that overcomes life’s challenges. It will be a chance for me to pocket a story to tell her down the road about rising above your fears and overcoming change.

She defines me and makes me want to be strong. She is everything good in my wife and she has my flaws. Like me she enjoys a good fart. She is thick in the head like me. My hair and eyes adorn her head. She loves music, laughter, inanity, and the beach. I see myself in her but a much better version of me. She is whip smart like her Mommy. She has a horrible yet honest competitive nature. She is my wife too. She is our redemption and she is gift. She is a gift to us and to the world.

My greatest blessing is and always will be my daughter. I never ever lose sight of what is important when it comes to her. I hope everyone recognizes that in this worlds children.


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