Gun Control?

With this blog I may make enemies and if I do it is completely unintended. If I offend I apologize I am sorry but I have an opinion. I do not like guns at all however I truly under stand there need and I respect people’s right to own them. I am not afraid of government and I do believe that somethings need regulation. Somethings need to be watched and even restricted. Sandy Hook is not a battle cry. Sandy Hook is not the straw that broke the camels back but it certainly was a watershed moment in our countries history. If we strengthen gun control will we prevent violence? NO!!! If we get rid of guns we will not prevent violence. A politician recently said he had statistics on violence committed by using hammers as if that meant we should ignore the gun problem.

When guns are used to commit violence, in particularly cases like Sandy Hook and Aurora, the assailant already have something deeply wrong with them. Mass murders are deeply complex. We can dissect the bad guys history. We can talk about their family history or mental health out of their control. This country needs stronger families. We need men and women committed to being strong leaders for their children. But for the most part it is difficult to manage and really know what parents do in their homes to raise their kids. We also cannot always catch mental health issues and we do not fully understand them. So when a person with a difficult upbringing and mental issues snaps it can be an impossible task to recognize and remedy. It is always easy in retrospect to see things that were “warning signs”. We should have seen this coming? Maybe but doubtful.

Are guns the problem? Yes and no. The trigger person is the problem and the gun is a means to execute their sick minds end. Guns should have more controls. When the founding fathers developed our rights to bear arms I doubt high-powered multi round per minute guns were in their homes. Laws and rights are updated from time to time. In the 60s and 70s a DUI would not be too big a deal for the person arrested but over the years added repercussions were added to the accused and convicted DUI. Laws develop over time. Time calls for changes and that is the beauty in our laws and rights. If all rights and laws are ironclad we can be doomed to fail because crimes evolve and if laws cannot keep up with them we can have chaos. The typical hand gun or shot gun while very dangerous does not concern me. What I do believe however is that a gun should be strongly regulated as to who sells it, how it is sold, and who buys it. I hear people moan and groan that government is to involved by doing the previously written statement. I call them paranoid. If you are a law biding citizen that wants a gun for “protection” then this should be no issue. When I hear someone say “they wanna take your guns” all I hear is paranoia. Now if a handgun or shotgun is tracked and its possessors pass a check off list that includes known mental issues and criminal record I am good. Will this stop crime? NO!! but if it stops one wrong person from getting a gun It’s worth it.

Many in the government are scared to tackle gun laws. Why? They are scared to upset the voters. Some politicians use the “they are gonna take your guns” and “they are against your christian sensibilities” to scare people into voting for them. Some politicians would rather run through the raindrops than get wet making a tough choice. This is both parties. The guns I see no use for in the general population are the high powered multi round per minute guns. What is the real purpose of that weapon. If that is the gun you need for home protection then you will likely hit the family dog and sleeping neighbor two houses down the road if you fire it. Those weapons are for our service men and women and police. Just because you have a right to have a gun does not mean you should have a tank. You cannot drive a NASCAR calibre vehicle on the roads for a reason. If you are well trained in the use of a handgun or shotgun then that should make you feel pretty secure as the “guardian of your home”. Keep in mind that many people that use their gun to protect themselves are shot with their own weapon. I want to be able to protect my family too but not with a Howitzer.

My suggestion is that gun control is certainly worth looking at and strengthening. It is one of the few things we have a semblance of control over. Stop being paranoid. If you are honest you have nothing to lose. This is not a party issue, this is not a keep me in office issue, this is not a sole solution, and it should not be a threat to someones fear that cannot own an arsenal for God knows what, but it is a start. I write this as my four-year old sleeps next to me and with her in mind. I don’t want to threaten your rights but I want us to take a closer look at a growing problem.

Principals and teachers with guns? Hell no. A police officer in a school? Yes. But when they are sick enough that officer may not be enough. The NRA leader that said the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun is ignorant and cannot see the forest for the trees.

I hope that we become better parents. I hope I am a good parent but I know cannot control who my daughter loves and I will never know that mans background and what goes on in his head. I cannot control much but dammit if I could at least slow down the a sick persons access to hurting my daughter I am all for it. So have fun telling me how wrong I am. I have no fear of that because at least we are talking. We are making people aware. I know what my heart intends and I know all I want is to look closer at this part of the problem. I love you all and that never changes.


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