Gun Control: What We Say Is Not Always What Is Heard

Do you remember the game we played in elementary schools where one person whispers into something into your ear like “a dog barked at the moon” and you were suppose to whisper it into the next kids ear. After 30 kids passed the message the last child verbally says the message and the message has become “a cat stabbed a monkey in the eye with a carrot”. I have come to the conclusion that is what is happening with the gun control conversation in our nation. I was speaking to a friend today about the subject and I explained my position on gun control. I think that a conversation needs to be had by our leaders, I think our government has a responsibility to mediate this conversation and in a mature fashion take the facts and pass laws appropriately, I do not think this is violating rights, I do not support taking away the right to bear arms but I do believe some guns are not needed for the average citizen, I do not think that getting rid of guns cures violence, I think our Bill of Rights is a living document that from time to time could potentially be amended, and I also believe in a society where we act like adults.

I explained to my friend that I did not understand why anyone would view me as anti gun or why a conversation could not be had over gun control without name calling and wild accusations that are insulting on both sides of the conversation. My friend said something that made a great bit of sense to me. He said that people cling to key words and they hear nothing after that. So when I say that I believe that rights can be “updated” when it comes to guns a “pro gun” person perceives from that that I am saying take your rights away completely. The cat has now stabbed the monkey. When I hear the NRA speak I hear them saying that we should never, ever look at guns and that rights can never, ever be adjusted in any way. I am a good person to talk to if you need a shoulder but if I a convicted in my opinion I may not hear you. I think the same can be said for most of us. Maybe that is the first hurdle in the gun control conversation. No one wants to budge and we can’t hear each other over each others opinion. We can’t get out of our own way.

General Stanley McChrystal recently said he felt their was not a place on the street for high-powered assault rifles and they only belonged in the military. He is a controversial figure but his experience cannot be over looked. If he feels we need a “serious conversation” about gun control could there be a better voice to speak the words. Is the General a fool? Do you think a man that spent his life defending our freedoms would not have an opinion that should be heard. I am with him.

I dont want to offend anyone and I don’t want to take away your right to carry a gun. I just want the right people with the right facts to be adults and see what can be fixed. If you compare us to the rest of the world we look gun obsessed and even gun crazy. I think some of our politicians are cowards that are afraid to tackle the subject for fear off not being reelected. We should not fear change that keeps a gun in your home but maybe not the real big gun and maybe the process is a little tighter to get it. We regulate many things in our country and never give it a thought but since this one is a “right” we panic?

When all is said and done I hope we can slow down enough to listen (myself included) and realize that while gun control will not stop violence and guns may not be the problem the problem they certainly have issues that need to be addressed. I love you all and hate me if you will (I hope you don’t) but be respectful of each other. The one that yells loudest is not always right.


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