Where Did The Fun Of Facebook Go?

Welcome to Hatebook. I have dabbled in social media for nearly ten years. I started in Myspace. I enjoyed my “Spacefriends” and almost all my friends were exactly that…virtual. I love to write. I am not the best writer but I am not afraid to let my feelings roll through my keyboard and onto a blog. Myspace was better than Facebook at allowing you to express yourself by just a glance of your page. Quickly a person could see in images what you were into. You literally had you own soundtrack that you could change at will. The best part for me was that you had a blog on the page. Your last blogs were listed on your main page. “Andy” was accessible and open. I had well over 1000 Spacefriends. Over 90% of them I never met and only met by reading their blogs and one of us reaching out to the other. It was fun partly because it was free of drama. I did not see anything that attracted me to Facebook but after my daughter was born I left Myspace and jumped to Facebook. I wanted to share my daughter with my tangible or in some cases old friends. I quickly found many old friends I had not heard from in years and I am still so very happy to be reconnected with them.

As I reconnected I cut myself off from Myspace and I began to write my book ‘The Longest Love Letter”. The book sat dormant for nearly a year before I put it out as an E-Book on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I found fertility support sites on Facebook and found people who were still battling infertility. I felt drawn to blog again for these families and eventually blogging on a second site for myself. I take great pride in being a member of the infertility society. Facebook became a fun place and I found a way to express myself there too. The best part is my wife joined in and a couple of my closest Spacefriends met me there too. I no longer consider them virtual friends because we have shared so much over the past ten years. Something in the last year or so has changed though. Facebook is losing it’s luster.

It seems Facebook has become a platform to insult and intimidate for some. Whether it be people running off about half-baked political conspiracies or challenging others beliefs for sport it is somewhat depressing from time to time. Facebook is what you make of it so I cannot pretend that it should always be about fun and sunshine why are some folks there? What is their motivation to be on Facebook. What is yours? Are you the guy that posts music videos all the time, the Facebook VJ? Are you the self-appointed political commentator pushing an agenda no matter how little research you actually do? Are you the gun pro or the anti gun guy that either thinks gun lovers are killers or anti gun people don’t care as much for their family? Are you the angry family member that drops thinly veiled posts about how unhappy you are or how wrong you have been treated? I have been some of these people at one time or another myself. I have been caught in a wave of emotion and posted bullshit too.

Lately it seems a lot of people are miserable and hateful. It almost seems like high school from time to time and the median age on my page is likely higher than my own 43 years. I ask myself many times whether it is still worth being on Facebook. Life can be exhausting enough. I wake up and deal with whatever drama comes from work, regular life, and just trying to fit ten pounds of life in a quart bag of time and at the end of that day I jump onto Facebook to have a little fun but I am greeted with people spewing thoughtless comments or religious propaganda when they are some of the biggest sinners I know? I often wonder how many people really pray for people when they say they are going to. I always feel horrible for bad news posts. I want to help people when they hurt. I want to hug them and show them it will be okay but I will not tell I will pray for them if I am not going too. How many people really pray for the ones they say they are going to pray for. I like to think they do but the truth is more likely to be that when you say “I will pray for you” it is because you simply don’t know what to say. I do love Facebook and I truly love everyone but I just wish people could be a bit nicer from time to time. The soapbox is yours.


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