My Valentine(s)

I have two blessings in life that make me wake up every morning and face the day. When I am challenged or pressured I think of those two blessings to help me make the best decision possible to make them proud and keep them safe. My life has two more heartbeats other than my very own and I live for them before my own. I have a sense of humor that sees me through dark places but it is my blessings that inspire me to do so. Many people will live life and never have a muse. I have two. I have two people who can make me laugh at a funeral on Christmas Morning. I have two people who worry about me and for me. I am a lucky man because of my two Valentines. My wife and daughter. I love you both. I hope everyone has what I have in their life in some form. I hope you will enjoy this special Monster Movie I made for my Valentines. Happy Valentines to all of you. I’d kiss you all but I am a germaphobe. 🙂



This video doesn’t exist

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