The Cakes


In every life there is meaning. It does not matter what the species whether they are human or animal there is meaning. I believe this is especially true in domestic pets. I have had many pets and they all came at points in my life that had different meaning. Pancakes came to us when we were trying to have a baby. We had actually adopted her because after nearly five years battling infertility we had quit. Adopting the feral cat we named Pancakes made sense. Shortly after adopting her we tried again too have a baby through IVF. We got pregnant and almost immediately we thought we had lost the child we have today. My wife was put on bed rest for nearly eight and a half months. My wife lay alone in the bed and her only companion during her awake hours was the strangely cute kitten we called the Cakes. She lay on my wife’s tummy helping keep the unborn Emma safe and warm and putting a smile on my wife’s face. She was a guardian angel and companion.

In the past few months she fastly was becoming a sleeping buddy to our four year old girl. While we were on vacation this week she surprisingly died of kidney failure.  A friend of ours and my wife’s aunt and uncle were with her but sadly we were not. We were not able to be with her in her greatest time of need when she never let us down I during the eight and a half months when we were constantly scared we would lose our unborn dream. She was five when she was put to rest today. Pancakes we will always love you. It is odd that you would pass during National Infertility Week when you were my wife’s support system at the end of our infertility battle.

A very special thanks to Sherwyn, Pam, and Jim for being there for her when we could not.


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  1. Lonnie Faye Bolster Bell

    what a nice tribute, I am very sorry for your loss… Lonnie

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