Memorial Day Thoughts

Life is a funny thing. Most of us focus on what is happening presently in our life. It is easy to think of our children when they are off on college adventures. It is easy to think of work, getting the cars oil changed, or maybe even wondering how you will get everything done around the house. A friend of of mine named Wayne and I were in an airport in Atlanta a couple of weeks back. We were having a beer between flights and Wayne noticed that a man at the bar bought drinks for a military man he did not know as a way to show how much he appreciated what he did for our country. Wayne and I began to talk about doing this ourselves for a military person. It just seemed right.

On Memorial Day we think of the men and women that sacrificed their lives for our country. Thousands upon thousands of people who have left their lives in Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Afghanistan,  and any number of other foreign lands. These heroes were following orders and loyally trying to do their duty. We know the names of so few but nearly everyone is only a couple of degrees separated from a family that has dealt with this greatest loss. There are miles of land spotted with the headstones of men and women doing their job and if they could speak from the grave they would probably say it was their honor to give so much. This is the hero we remember on Memorial Day.

I would ask also that we honor the living this weekend. The spouse who stays home for months and holds down the house and it the children while their mate is overseas. The military man who misses the birth of his baby because he is trying to help a community on the other side of the world. These are the people that we should also remember this weekend. It is easy to go home and vent about a tough week or day to your spouse but what if that spouse was months from being in the same home as you to complain. Remember the child that does not get bedtime stories read to them while Mommy and Daddy are deployed. I will always be thankful for the military and there families living and otherwise. Thank you for all you do.


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