I Thank You


I once wrote a blog where I explained that I have had many years with difficult challenges but I never had a bad year. I have an attitude. For those that know me well this will not be a surprise but it is mostly a façade. I gripe, complain, and wish to scream on many days but I fully understand my lot in life. I know that even when I feel slighted by others there is nothing I can do about it and they probably give in no thought. That I want to desperately satisfy those around me is a blessing and curse. I may have rough days but I do not have a rough life.

I do have an attitude but as Sponge Bob Squarepants would say it is an attitude of gratitude. You cannot have everything you want and you certainly cannot make everyone happy. I ask myself what I can live with and what is worth losing sleep over. I rarely sleep but not often because I am up worrying as much as I am somewhat an insomniac. Four hours sleep to me is eight to others. I work in silence, hour upon hour at a desk with minimal contact with others. Musics bounces between my ears as I am alone with my work and thoughts. I have the time to recognize my true wonderful life. I love my life.

I am thankful for so many things. This year has been a tough one on so many fronts work and personal but I am the Grand Pooh-bah of finding silver linings. It is a skill. A skill I am so very thankful for. Life is what you make of it. I see the glass half full at all times. As the holidays roll in I look forward to new beginnings. I look forward to filling up the rest of the glass. There is plenty for me to find thanks in. The fact that the sun rose and gives me the chance to write on my stupid blog is testimony that to not be thankful for what you have is quite honestly; blasphemy. I am thankful for the smallest of things. I am thankful for a camera to save memories. I am thankful for music to take me away. I am thankful for the smiles on my daughters friends faces that I meet every morning. There are so many things to find thanks in if you open your eyes. It is easy to dwell in the dark but is brings joy to your life when you shine a light through the heart of the dark so that it fades away.

My life is a dream. Do I want more from it? Yes I do. Do I shrink away because things do not always shine so bright? No I do not. I love the opportunity to cook for loved ones, to make someone smile, to help others even when they don’t seem to have appreciation for it. Life’s greatest meaning and satisfaction is in the little details. I often sign off on things by saying “I Love You All!”. I mean it when I say it. I think if we spend more time loving each other than everything gets better in the end. So I end this short thankful stump speech by saying I love you all. I hope you get the things you need. I hope to make you smile. I hope you enjoy the little details. You will never have a bad year if you take a microscopic eye to the everyday simplicities in life because in that there is much to be thankful for. I love you all.


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