I was in a hospital bed. I do not remember all the details as I was drugged out after surgery but I remember my wife laying the law down to the hospital staff. I was having a reaction to a drug the hospital had administered to me.  My wife was making it crystal clear to staff that they were changing my medications and there would be no hesitation. They changed my meds. I had tried for several years to get hired by a fire department. I was top five on the City of Norfolk’s hiring list. I was not hired and was given the answer that they had lost my paperwork. I was top five out of a couple 1000. My wife was furious and called the Fire Chiefs office and told them that they were ignorant by not hiring me. In 13 years my wife has had my back on even the smallest details of my life. She is unwavering in her commitment and love for me. I could do no better in life and neither could anyone else in my opinion.

I do not thing you can define love. Love is defined by so many different things. Love is a feeling, an action, a moment, and sometimes unspoken. Love means the world sometimes stops for a moment when someone walks in the room. Love means your stomach drops when you think for even a single tic that your someone has shed a single tear. Love DOES make the world go round but you can not use words to define it in terms that are the same for everyone. 

For thirteen years I have been humbled and blessed to be married to a walking inspiration. She makes me want to go on. She makes me want to be better.  What she may lack in self-confidence she more than makes up for in her wish to make the world a better place for the ones she loves. When we married I don’t think either of us knew about the difficulties that would come our way. No matter what life put in front of us we bulldozed through. She is the hurricane and I am the tornado. The long battles are quelled by her unmoved determination to not let anything tear our house asunder. I quickly put down life’s moments that can simply ruin a day. We are a team. We can not be defeated. 

I cannot imagine life with anyone other than my wife. When I am old and gray……and I am already getting gray hair….I want to be in a quiet house with her watching television, sitting on the patio talking about our years, holding hands, and watching our dear little girl kick the worlds ass. I love my wife and I am so lucky that she chose me. Happy Anniversary!!!!


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