For Love of The Big Red Machine


Brother G, The Big Red Machine, Gossy Bossy, Mr Wiggly Whiskers, and many, many others but his name is Gossamer. Gossamer is the first pet my wife adopted as her own as an adult out of Pharmacy School. She adopted him and very shortly after the Big Tig. She named him after the big red character Gossamer in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. He was a red fluff ball with crazy crinkled whiskers and underneath it all a very sweet but grumpy face. While Grumpy Cat looks grumpy Gossamer looks like he would kill you for sport. It was all looks though because he was sweet as the day is long. He was not overly friendly but when you pet him he would mostly oblige. Gossamer was the very first link to my wife. When my wife and I started dating she gave me a key to her apartment one night so I could meet her when she got home. She warned me that Gossamer did not easily warm up to people. When my then girlfriend walked in he was sitting on my lap chilling out like a popsicle. He never left my side from that moment until this morning where he lay on my lap while our Great Dane and Australian Sheppard watched over him.

Gossamer was a good boy. He was never very large but he had the heart of a lion and he thought he was as big as one. If the dogs wanted a fight he would oblige. Gossamer was the cat that stayed in the background. Most times you never knew he was there. People would come to our home several times before they saw him for the first time and he was always out in the open. He liked to sleep in the downstairs bathroom. One night a friend went into the bathroom did what she had to do and was startled when the entire time in the very small bathroom she did not notice him glaring at her from under the sink. I think he had a dark sense of humor. It’s a dark story but a classic Goss story. One evening our cat Kozmo suddenly died of what we assume was a heart attack. We heard Kozma falling down the stairs and rushed to his side. When I looked up Goss was at the top of the stairs all Omen Devil Child like he had pushed Kozmo. Kozma and Goss were never close. I retold that story over the years to soften the blow of a very sad night.

Animals are not human but to good pet owners they represent family and events. Gossamer was the last link to the beginning of my relationship with my wife. The animals that remain all came well into my daughter’s life and she is only seven. Pets are the good in the world. They are loyal and almost always bring a smile to your face. We can learn so much from our pets.

Goss was closer to 18 than 17 and he had a good life but even more amazing is he made our lives amazing. In his last days he could not move around much or chose not too but he would make his way to me and get me to pick him up. He would snuggle in for ten minutes and leave. He wanted to remind me he loved me and maybe needed me. We all need to be needed and fulfilled that for me. This morning I took him to ease his transition. I did something I had never done before I prayed over him. I asked that not only he have an easy passing but that my wife and daughter would handle it as well. I told him the Big Pig, and Big Brown (our dog), Pancakes, Junior, and even his arch nemesis Kozmo would be there and he would play as his younger self. I broke down in tears both in sadness and relief because I realized he was going to be okay but it reminded also of the years with the family bets over the years. I held onto him until he could see the glimmer of Heaven behind his eyelids.

We lost our three senior pets ranging from 12 to nearly 18 years in barely two years and now my I look at my Aussie realizing she is senior pet by a mile and I sadden up but I am comforted that she has a great group waiting for her when (hopefully years from now) the time comes. Life is precious and so are the ones we share it with so remember to love with your whole heart at all times. I will never forget Brother G.


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