A thing or two about me.

I am blessed. I am not of convention. I believe God is a women. I am loved. I love. I have experience. I crave experience. I am a parent and a child. I am brilliant yet foolish. I am patient…maybe. I am faithful. Full of faith. I want you to have faith. If not in God then yourself. I think life should be lived without hurting others. I hate violence violently. I came from violence. I am who I am through violence and acceptance. Acceptance that I am perfectly imperfect. I am modern yet rooted in an older set of sensibilties. I will be your friend and ignore all enemies. Life is precious and not to be taken for granted. I am many things but mostly just me….Andy

This blog is being converted into a place to talk about family and infertility. I wrote a book about my families journey to parenthood while dealing with fertility issues. The book is called “The Longest Love Letter” and is available on Kindle and Nook. I want to lend families going through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with fertility issues. I offer the male perspective in an honest, experienced, and when appropriate humorous way.

  1. Andy, it is wonderful and refreshing to “hear” a male’ perspective. I am wondering if you might be interested in doing a “guest blog” on my blog about the male perspective a partners of women facing fertility challenges. I know many of my followers, and other women in support communitie I participate in, are quite curious as to how our partners are feeling (you men can be so darn quiet 🙂 If you are interested, you can email me at infertilityawakening@yahoo.com.

    P.S. What a precious, adorable little girl you have!

  2. We were told that we would not have children. After the first child it took over 9 years to have another. The doctor that told us that we were infertile is the same doctor that delivered our son. I am often amazed at the fact that both of these children were born. My daughter is 26 and my son is 17. My daughter was born one month early and my son was born about two months early. They are both fine. In retrospect we think that we lost several children after conception,but are very thankful for the gifts that we have been given. Medical technology is always improving and God is able.

    God Bless,

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